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Cruise'n Classics was founded on the principles of connecting people with a special piece of history. That coveted vehicle may include a memorative high school vehicle or possibly a vehicle that belonged to a family member who has now left this earth.  Whatever the connection is, Cruise'n Classics has made it their motto to, "Bring Life to the Past".  

This motto began with the Father, Son duo of Robert and Jon Hoying.  Jon's love for Auburn, Cord & Duesenbers, along with muscle cars of the 1960's and 1970's has developed into a thriving classic car dealership.  Today, Cruise'n Classics is on its third generation with the addition of Jon's son, Jacob joinging the group in 2018.


As generations are passed down through the business, the founding principles of connecting customers with special vehciles has not changed.  Cruise'n Classics strives to make that special connection with their customers.  We invite you to come to our showroom today so you may be able to make that special connection yourself.    



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